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Environment Acoustics is a belgian company based in Brussels and specialized in office acoustic consulancy. In this sector, we have a more than 10 years experience and activities through the whole Europe and other continents.

Who are we: acoustical engineers specialized in office acoustics. Understand why we focuse on office acoustics.

Who are we: the branches we cover. There is broad range of sectors in office acoustics: open or closed offices, desk-sharing and task-related offices, conference rooms, bank branches, call centers, etc. Each of them has its specific needs and treatment...

Who are we: our responsibility charter. 7 principles to underline our intellectual and financial commitment to our customers.

Who are we: our international cover. A network of local alliances means that we are represented worldwide.

How can we help you? Some examples of acoustical problems we daily meet, and some types of consultancy we make.

Some of our references... Customers who trust us.

Contact informations. You want to contact us? You have a particular question? Don't hesitate!

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